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Checking in from SXSWi day 1

Just a brief update from the first moments from SXSW.  This will give you a good idea of what the flavor is like. In the picture above taken from my room in the Hilton, you can see many of the corporate venues for this year.  Several companies are traveling around kitchen trucks handing out free food.  I have both a Beer Brot from SquareSpace as well as Empenadas from Groupon.

Looks like food wont be a problem this year.

Off to my first session.  Although there are other, possibly more valuable sessions going on, I am opting to check out BattleDecks for the second year in a row.  It's like Karaoke but with powerpoint presentations.  The presenters have no idea what's going to be on the slide and they have to improv it as they go.  It's tradition now for me to kick off SXSW this way so what the heck.

More Later.


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