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Dear Google

I've heard that a motto within your company is that “good ideas come from everywhere.”  If that is true, I have a good idea for you.  Trade me a new unlocked AT&T Nexus One for my iphone and start a program to do this for other iphone owners as well.  Here’s why:

Like many iphone owners, I’ve grown tired of Apple’s increasingly harsh policies that serve nothing more than to limit what I can do with my phone.  As I’ve seen the Android platform grow and the phone manufacturers catch up with the OS, Android has become more and more of a viable option for me.  The only thing standing in the way of making the leap for me is the cost. 

Personally, I work for a Newspaper who has had to cut salaries, bonuses, and cost of living increases for the past two years.  For others, I’m sure there are equal reasons for not having the money.  The $500 cost is just beyond my reach and will be for some time. I suspect this is the case for many others as well.

I believe though that there is a convergence happening that gives Google a real opportunity to seize the market right NOW.  With the bad press from Apple’s recent announcements, with the continued blocking of valuable applications from the itunes store, and with the lack of a new iphone being announced, Android can capture a huge base of iphone owners sitting on the fence.

How much is it worth to you to capture a huge chunk of current iphone owners?  How much will it be worth in the coming years as more and more services push to the web primarily?  As your own CEO Eric Schmidt recently stated, “What’s really important right now is to get the mobile architecture right because mobility will ultimately be the way in which you provision most of your services…The answer should always be mobile first.”  This is THE opportunity for Google and Android to become the default mobile platform not just for the moment, but for the next 5-10 years.

Isn’t that worth a small subsidizing fee per unit?  At the least, isn’t that idea worth ONE free Nexus One?

Also, I am a developer and a blogger.  That’s got to count for something too, right?


  1. Ha. Great idea. And certainly more oomph for dollars spent in any other marketing venture.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately no response from Google. Guess they don't like giving away things when they can sell them. :-)


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